detachment-movie-01-550x286This website is a critical response to the movie Detachment (2011). This movie captures a glimpse into the life of a troubled substitute teacher with a hidden past. The lens turns to other teachers as well, each with their own burdens and flaws that they are expected to leave at the door. The students are just as troubled as the teachers, and this movie does an excellent job at showcasing the difficulties of stuffing some form of education into the lives of these tormented individuals. The film is a success in terms of the effect every cinematic approach, and line of script, has an affect on its viewers, but there is yet to be a film that can accurately portray the aspects of being a teacher.

The most important theme in this movie is the constant struggle to putting students first, and not allowing outside influences affect their learning. This is practically impossible, which is showcased clearly throughout the movie. Becoming a teacher means being a lifelong learner, which means we have no choice but to be affected by the world around us, by our students, and to make meaning of these ideas and to pass on what we have learned to the students. All of these factors require continuous attention and balance, which is where teachers need help from others. Where things can go wrong is our reaction to these aspects, and the movie clearly displays the outcome of an unbalanced mindset.

This website aims to help teachers with these issues. How to interact with students that are experiencing a variety of difficulties, and how to interact with other teachers, and extended staff, who may be going through similar struggles. Throughout the schooling and society course, we have been taught to question many of the established routines, traditions, and structures in the classroom. Detachment responds to these engrained thoughts by revealing how much life there is beyond the walls of the school, and how much of it stays hidden. At the same time it would be just as harmful to uncover all of these issues. As teachers, we need to be prepared to handle a variety of situations carefully to ensure the security and well-being of the students.


 Image source: https://continuingeducation.bnpmedia.com/course.php?L=330&C=966

If you take a look at a typical school hallway, polished clean with painted lockers, you have a certain reaction to it. Now imagine the same hallway if all of those lockers didn’t have doors. This would change the dynamic of the school entirely. Teachers and students should not have to leave their problems alone forever, and just like any other skill, we all need to be taught how to address these issues. With technology and time management being major issues in education, a website is the ideal response to this movie. Many will avoid seeking help if it means time-consuming research is needed, therefore I have attempted to compile a variety of resources, with brief descriptions, in order to facilitate and help those who need it. Instead of writing a paper, this website may be useful to some, instead of being recycled and forgotten. If we have a chance to build some form of community, or something that will affect those around us, then it is worth doing. We are there to prepare students for the outside world, so be a role model and show them how to take care of themselves and each other.