Stress and being a Role Model

From Chaos to Coherence: Managing Stress While Teaching

This article, by Michele Israel turns the focus back to teachers. As role models and educators, we must understand how to manage our own stress, anxiety, well-being in order to properly show students how to do the same. This article does a good job explaining the manifestations of stress, and being able to identify how stress affects our daily lives. One perspective is to realise that stress causes similar behaviour as the students that act out or seem to misbehave in class. It makes you think twice about where they are coming from.

The article offers several stress management tools. These include having administrators be aware and react to the stressors of teachers. If it is an ongoing discussion then all members of staff can stay on top of the triggers that cause them stress. In turn, these practices will benefit the well-being of the entire school. Most importantly, teachers must understand that stress is a psychological factor that can be controlled.

While the article has a few crucial points that can help teachers become aware of the common stressors, it is somewhat lacking in depth. The overall theme is that teachers should be supported, which is inevitable. To summarize, the method of dealing with stress, once a situation becomes overwhelming, is to step back and create some simple goals. These methods can easily be shared with students in a classroom. These ideas spread to all other aspects of their lives to reduce stress, complete projects, and maintain an organized lifestyle.

Finally, the article describes the importance of finding things outside of teaching that they are good at. Having hobbies and making time for relaxation is essential of reducing stress.


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