Healthy Sleep Tips for Children and Youth

Review of the following source article: Healthy sleep Tips for Children and youth.
Sleep is a fundamental process in regards to our own personal health, well-being, and learning. We are told often through media sources that sleep is often neglected and that it should be a main focus when leading a healthy lifestyle. This article is a two-page handout that briefly identifies the benefits of sleep, tips for children of various ages, and exercises that will help those who have trouble sleeping or relaxing. It is useful to know the stages of sleep, and the benefits of each stage. This article talks about REM and NREM sleep in general terms. It may be useful to relate these stages to various sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, that may affect the ability to enter deep REM sleep. Being informed on the necessity of dreaming, especially how it develops in young children and its relation to their imagination is very important.

While many of these tips can be used in adulthood, it would be useful for teachers to have specific tips for themselves so they can be role models for the students. In this new age of technology, it is important to draw attention to the use of cell phones or other electronic devices and how this type of lighting may affect the ability to sleep. These limitations don’t necessarily take away from the usefulness of this article. It would be a great resource to discuss with students their sleeping habits, and the benefits of good sleeping routines. Demonstrate as well how sleep affects our daily lives at school in relation to our productivity.


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